I have been a ‘DJ’ for almost 20 years although I use the term lightly since it is a hobby and not a profession. Better known as ‘bedroom knob twiddling’ I began my less than illustrious DJ career with 2 vinyl decks, a mixer, speakers and an amp, the usual setup; before progressing after a year or two to a 2-vinyl and 2-CD deck setup adding a Pioneer EFX unit for fun.

Being a gadget fan, the world of DJing opens up endless possibilities to experiment and over the years I have enjoyed playing with many platforms, but have finally settled, at least for a while with an MP3 setup using Traktor, a midi controller and a set of active speakers. It’s a lot more convenient, but still provides loads of entertainment. Below is a selection of mixes recorded live, from vinyl only, to MP3 only, sources.

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1. Replicant

      Replicant - mixed by Sonic Lime

Track Listing

1. Gra, Original Mix
2. Green Flame, Original Mix
3. Circulation, Original Mix Techno
4. Dance of the Warrior, Original Mix
5. Moonlight Drive, Original Mix
6. New Wave Tech, Original Mix
7. Ostinato I, Original Mix
8. In Bottles feat Aurora, Original Mix
9. The Age of Love Solomun, Renaissance Remix
10. Touch Me, Mike_Koglin 2 0 Remix
11. Blade Runner, Replicant Mix

2. Emergency Gene

      Emergency Gene - mixed by Sonic Lime

Track Listing

1. Einmusik, Tormenta Original Mix, Beauty Imperfection 2
2. Einmusik, Solar Progression Original Mix, Pristine
3. Stiven Rivic, Michael & L, Violence Marcelo Vasami Remix, Chronicles in Motion, Vol. 3
4. Igor Zaharov, Prodrave Original Mix, Digital Motion Summer Box 2012
5. Dmitry Molosh, Horizon Original Mix, Replugged, Vol. 2
6. Fideles, Illumino Original Mix, Kellerkind, Fideles
7. Dimitry Molosh, Glow Original Mix, Glow
8. Elizabeth Fields, Speaking In Sympathy Deeper Mix, Speaking In Sympathy
9. Pan-Pot, Broken Engine Wigbert Deeper Remix, The Other Remixes
10. Vinny Troia, Emergency Gene Carbonnel Remix, Emergency

3. The Dreamer

      The Dreamer - mixed by Sonic Lime

Track Listing

1. Andain, You Once Told Me, Agnelli  Nelson Remix, Black Hole Recordings
2. Liquid Soul, Nirvana, Activa Remix, Perfecto Fluoro
3. Michael Cassette, Pangaea, Envotion Remix, Anjunadeep
4. Matt Lange feat Tania Zygar, Way You Know, Original Mix, Anjunadeep
5. Aly  Fila and Susana, Without You, Original Mix, Future Sound of Egypt
6. Cerf Mitiska  Jaren, Saved Again, Probspot Vocal Mix, Somatic Sense
7. Above & Beyond, No One On Earth, Original Mix, Anjunabeats
8. Croquet Club, Cardigan, Original Mix, Anjunadeep
9. Alan Morris, The Dreamer, Black Hole Recordings
10. Sean Tyas, Now You See, Tytanium Recordings

4. Talisman

      Talisman - mixed by Sonic Lime

Track Listing

1. Tom Middleton, WYV AUW CHU, Original Mix, Anjunadeep
2. Lange feat.  Cate Kanell, Fireflies, Original Mix, Lange Recordings
3. Craig Connelly and Christina Novelli, Black Hole, Original Mix, Garuda
4. Phi Phi and Airwave, Back On Track, Rise And Fall Remix, Bonzai Progressive
5. MIKE, Canvas, Club Mix, High Contrast Recordings
6. Haris C, Luna Negra, Original Mix, Factual Records
7. Protoculture, Talisman, Original Mix, ReBrand
8. Barakooda, 48v, Arsi Mela Remix, Beyond Recordings
9. Marcel Woods feat. Vanbot, Bring It Back, Original Mix, Spinnin Records
10. Colin James, Ballistic, Indecent Noise Remix, Mental Asylum Records

5. Beggin’ You

      Beggin' You - mixed by Sonic Lime

Track Listing

1. Mat Zo, 24 Hours, Rank 1 Remix, Anjunabeats
2. Super8 and Tab feat Jan Burton, Empire, Mike Shivers Garden State Mix, Anjunabeats
3. Shogun, Space Odyssey, Original Mix, Armind
4. Beggin You (Glenn Morrison Remix), Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren, Armind
5. Judge Jules  Corderoy, Give Me A Reason, Original Mix, VANDIT Records
6. Koan, Circes Touch, Soundpranks Reloaded Remix, Section Records
7. Paul Oakenfold feat J Hart, Surrender, Maison  Dragen Remix, Armada Music
8. Reverse, Absolute Reality, Arty Remix, Armada Music
9. Piercing The Fog (Original Mix), The Blizzard, A State of Trance
10. Nat Monday, Waiting, John Creamer  Stephane K Remix, Distinctive Records

6. Vertical Horizon

      Vertical Horizon - mixed by Sonic Lime

Track Listing

1. Invisible Inc, Stars (Ambient Version), Sumsonic
2. La Liga, What U Wanna, Lot 49 (4.18)
3. Simon & Shaler Presents, Dark Providers, Intenso Recordings (8.50)
4. Mathew Dekay vs Proluctors, What If, Dekay Records (15.22)
5. Roccomundo & O.N.N.O, I Love You, Little Mountain Recordings (21.39)
6. Mansa, Dreams, Plastic Fantastic (28.40)
7. Markus Schultz & Ozgur Can, Connected (Miami 05 Sampler MIx), Santiago Nino Remix (33.42)
8. Yilmaz Altanhan, Eighties, Anjunabeats (39.15)
9. Inkfish vs Martin H, Eye M, Baroque (46.02)
10. Peter McCowan, Trailer Park Boy, Somatic Sense – Future Sounds ( 51.33)
11. Ferrer & Sydenham, Sandcastles, Ibadan Records (59.16)
12. Axwell, Feel The Vibe, Nero (1.04.52)

7. Sky Loops

      Sky Loops - mixed by Sonic Lime

Track Listing

1. Skyloops-Intro (Original)
2. As It Should (Haris C Remix)
3. Alex MORPH feat Ana Criado – Sunset Boulevard – Signum Mix – Armada Music
4. Meridian – Shifter – Original Mix – Infrasonic Recordings
5. Paul Oakenfold feat Infected Mushroom – Im Alive – Sonic Element Remix – Perfecto Records
6. Prodrave (Original Mix)
7. Niklas Grosswald – Clouds Go By – Original Mix – Saturn3 Recordings
8. Loobosh – Morning Dew – Dmitry Golban Remix – Silent Shore Records
9. Skies  Kiholm – Lost  Found – Dan Stone Remix – LW Recordings
10.Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper – She Moves – Original Mix
11. Erick Strong feat Anthya – Out Of My Mind – Original Mix – Interstate Recordings
12. Gareth Emery and Ashley Wallbridge – DUI – Original Mix – Garuda

8. Black is the Colour

      Sky Loops - mixed by Sonic Lime

Track Listing

1.  Mike Nichol – Set in Motion (Original Mix) – Discover White Label
2.  Andy Moor feat. Carrie Skipper – She Moves (Original Mix) – AVA Recordings
3.  Max Graham – Does She Know Yet (Original Mix) – Dusky
4.  Cara Dillon – Black Is The Colour (Beat Intro Radio Edit) – Anjunabeats
5.  Aly & Fila feat Josie – Listening (Philip El Sisi Remix) – Future Sound of Egypt
6.  Reverse – Absolute Reality (Arty Remix) – Armada Music
7.  Paranator – Sunset (Original Mix) – Electronic Elements
8.  Kami meets Moonsouls – Under The Sea (Khaomeha Remix) – Camouflage
9.  MHD & Younes B – The Track (Starlight Remix) – Pink Flame Music
10. Thomas Bronzwaer – Collider (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) – A State of Trance
11. Daniel Portman – Dark Is The Night For All (Original Mix) – Unreleased Digital
12. Mat Zo – 24 Hours (Rank 1 Remix) – Anjunabeats

2 thoughts on “DJ

  1. James Leacock

    Top, top EDM, flavours of early decade to ‘where we are now’ and much more … ‘Black is the Colour’ is a folk cult, to introduce it, bounce out of it and fire on, is unique; this mix is considered, cultured and beyond as any. It’s the cultured side of T2, make no mistake, you don’t have to look very far, that’s good and bad … do enjoy…

  2. Sonic Lime Post author

    Thank you for the comments J! It was a lucky find TBH, having been mixed years ago and rediscovered. More choons on the way…

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