SonicLime is my online pen name, twitter handle and blog spot. I felt that if I were free to choose a pseudonym then I might as well pick something that stood out a little, see my first blog, The Importance of Being Unique“. This a personal blog, so not surprisingly, all views expressed are opinionated, potentially biased and may be incorrect… perhaps.

From an academic standpoint I could be considered an engineer, however I now work in the IT industry and have some project experience in the fascinating worlds of sports spread betting, airlines, media and travel; and now work primarily within outsourcing. I began my career in aerospace research, helicopter inverse simulation to be precise and no, it’s not about helicopters flying upside-down, but rather examining an aircraft’s control movements when it is forced to fly a very specific and predefined manoeuvre. If you’re really interested, Google “helicopter inverse simulation”, or check out the aerospace engineering web pages at The University of Glasgow, where I completed my doctorate some years ago. Back then, I got my first taste of coding using FORTRAN 77 and FORTRAN 90, developing and running helicopter math-model simulations. Some of my novel work there included the development of a methodology to objectively quantify pilot workload whilst ‘flying’ manoeuvres of varying difficulty.

Post-academia I moved into consultancy and for seven years worked with Selex Sensors and Airborne Systems, now Selex Galileo. I continued with development work progressing to .NET technologies shortly after I took up the post. Additionally I supported some legacy VB6 applications and created math-models of air-to-air missile systems.

In my next role as a senior technical consultant with Logica I worked on six projects over a three year period, gradually increasing my knowledge of the IT technology stack utilised by various clients. I gained valuable experience working alongside a wide range of stakeholders including programme directors, solution architects, project managers, BI and BA consultants.

I now work for Xoomworks, a consulting and outsourcing company as delivery / engagement manager.

Big thank you to Mr Mike Bestvina, a.k.a. ‘TechDisruptive‘ for encouraging me to start this blog.

All blogs should have one. The views in this blog are mine alone and do not represent those of my employer, family or friends. Neither is the blog dedicated to any one cause, person, theme, ideology, political standpoint, or anything else that can be misconstrued in a negative or dissenting fashion. In fact it isn’t dedicated to anything, it’s just is a simple collection of narratives, observations, and reports written by a ‘techie’ with something to say.